Su, 21 JUN

Travel arrangements

Dear passenger,

SWISS is aware that the uncertain news surrounding the risk and spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) may worry some passengers.
We are therefore all the more grateful that you continue to place your trust in us and fly with SWISS.

The safety of our passengers and employees is our top priority. We are, of course, following developments very closely. SWISS and the Lufthansa Group are prepared for all possible scenarios and will take swift decisions about further actions and any possible measures in cooperation with the relevant authorities, as required.

We also want your journey on board to be as comfortable and safe as possible during this situation. We have taken precautionary steps to protect you, our crew members and colleagues on the ground from any health risks. This includes supplying protective masks for personal use to our cabin crew on selected flights and our colleagues at selected airports.

The air on board all SWISS aircraft is cleaner than on the ground. It is made up of 60% fresh air from outside. The air circulated in the cabin is filtered to remove impurities such as dust, bacteria and viruses. Filter standards and airflow meet the standards for hospital operating rooms.

We are also well equipped for any suspected coronavirus cases on board. In such cases, tried and tested processes have been put in place. These have been developed by our medical service team for passengers with infectious diseases in general and our crews are trained for this.

You can also play your part to protect yourself and others from infection on board by following the recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health. This includes thorough and regular handwashing, correct behaviour when coughing and sneezing and avoiding hand-to-hand contact.