Questions and answers

Booking data

Is online ticket booking secure?
We always endeavor to protect and store your personal data securely in order to prevent unauthorized access and their unauthorized use, manipulation or deletion. We pay particular attention to the secure transmission of personal and financial data via encrypted channels and using the latest SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer Technology).

The booking was almost completed when the message '' Session expired '' was displayed. What does that mean?
For security reasons, the time window for making bookings is 30 minutes. The system automatically logs you out if you exceed this time limit. If this message appears at the end of the booking process, please contact the Raci Travel call center, indicating the departure date and route, to check whether your booking was successfully completed.

How long before departure can I book a flight with Raci Travel?
With you can book a flight up to 12 hours before departure, depending on the departure airport and the selected airline.
If your ticket can be issued in the form of an electronic ticket when you reserve, you can book from Monday to Saturday up to 2 hours before departure. To make your last minute booking easier, we recommend that you contact one of our travel agents.


Travel informations

How can I choose my seat?
You can choose a seat three hours in advance at check-in.

My passport expires before my return flight. What should I do?
If your reservation has not yet been confirmed, we strongly recommend that you book two separate reservations for your outward and return flights. In this case, you can use different travel documents at check-in. If your reservation has already been confirmed, contact the Raci Travel call center.


Prices and discounts

Do I get an invoice?
You will receive an electronic invoice at the email address you provided when booking.
Electronic invoices can be created on request.

You can also purchase a paper version of the electronic invoice from the Raci Travel Call Center for a fee.
The paper version will be sent by post to the address specified when booking.
You can request a modified invoice with different details for a fee.


If you have any further questions, please contact the Raci Travel Call Center without delay.