Dangerous Goods

For Security purposes and According to the Laws of all Countries the following items are prohibited to be carried with the turned in Baggage and Hand Luggage:

  • Briefcases with included Alarm system
  • Explosive ordnance, Pyrotechnic Articles, Torches
  • Gas Containers, for example Irritant Gas, Pepper Spray, Camping Gas Heater
  • Containers with flammable Liquids, e.g. Lighter Fluid, Paint, Lacquer, cleaning Agent
  • easy flammable fabrics, e.g. matches
  • Substances, that create flammable Gases once in contact with water
  • Oxidizing Fabrics, e.g.  z. B. Bleacher, Peroxide
  • Poisonous (toxic) and und contagious Fabrics, e.g. Quicksilver, Bacteria- and viruses
  • Radioactive Materials and  Articles
  • Corrosive Fabrics, e.g.  Acids, Leaches, Wet Batteries
  • Strong Magnetic Materials
  • Tools and devices run with gasoline, that already had the smallest amount of gasoline in hem (e.g. for Testing)

Dangerous Goods New Security Regulations for Hand Baggage

Dangerous Goods Dangerous Goods (DE)


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